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Steven Vrooman

I started playing disc golf with my Dad's Wham-O World Class Frisbees and my Uncle's Midnite Flyers in the early 1980s as a kid in southern California. I took a looooonnnngggg hiatus filled with a lot of college and eventually became a Professor of Communication Studies at Texas Lutheran University. Now I teach everything from public speaking and popular culture to data visualization in our Data Analytics graduate program. I am also a keynote speaker who's talked at TEDx and INBOUND. Our campus has a course, so I started playing again a few years ago, rocking an orange Wham-O "S" driver I bought on a whim one afternoon. These days I drive with an Enforcer or a Spirit, fairway with a Felon or an FD, roll with an Archangel, midrange with an Anvil and putt with a Dagger. I'm still a lot better at analyzing disc golf than playing it, but I keep practicing. Find me @morebrainz.