5 Great Videos: How To Throw In Disc Golf (Beginners)

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May 27, 2020 • 6 min read
Left: A player throws a backhand at the 2019 Glass Blown Open. Right: A player throws a forehand at the 2019 Hall of Fame Classic. Credit for both photos: Alyssa Van Lanen

Throwing a frisbee is something a huge amount of people are familiar with, and the motion to do it is relatively simple. Just a quick flick of the wrist to create spin and forward momentum, and off it flies.

Many come to disc golf (often referred to as frisbee golf or frolf) expecting that motion to be all they need to know. However, it doesn't take long for a realization to hit them: golf discs fly very differently from frisbees.

Below, we've gathered videos that explain in beginner-friendly terms the basics of how to throw golf discs, and we've made note of the times where you can find specific pieces of information. The videos cover backhands, forehands, and putts. If you don't know what those terms mean yet, don't worry. The videos explain each of them.

Want to know the basics of how disc golf is played, how to get discs, and where to find courses? Read this.

Tip for Deep Dives

If you want to watch anything in the videos below frame-by-frame, here's how:

1. Pause the video.
2. Use the "," and "." keys to go backward or forward frame by frame (Mac or Windows).

This works on all YouTube videos and is a great trick to know if you want to see something specific about someone's form while watching tournament coverage, tips videos, or any other content.

1. Disc Types & Basic Disc Golf Throwing Technique

Nate Sexton is a top professional disc golfer who's popular not only due to his excellent play but also his insightful commentary on post-produced coverage of tournaments. His likability and the ease with which he explains complicated ideas are both on display in this video.

The video introduces the three basic types of discs (putters, midranges, and drivers), their uses and differences, and the basics of how to throw them. Featured on the channel of disc golf equipment manufacturer and Sexton sponsor Innova, the video naturally features Innova products. However, the information given in this video is useful no matter what discs you have or plan to get.

If you're interested in learning more about disc types, we have a series called Discs Explained that details each type, their purposes, and how to use them for newer players. 

Start-0:14 Intro section. Opening of Innova starter pack
0:15-0:22 Brief introduction to the putter in the pack
0:23-0:42 How discs tend to turn left when thrown with a righthand backhand (demonstration of this shot from 0:34-0:39)
0:43-1:13 Emphasis on how, unlike in ball golf, "putters" are for more than putting in disc golf
1:14-2:13 The properties of a midrange disc and how to use a disc's curving flight to your advantage
2:14-2:24 Very brief look at a driver and why it's different from the other two discs
2:25-2:37 Suggestion to practice throwing in a field or open space
2:38-3:21 Demonstration of how to hold a disc when throwing (Want more advanced tips on grip? Give this a read.)
3:22-3:31 Throw demonstration: Intro
3:32-4:09 Throw demonstration with slow-mo and pauses/explanations at important points in the throw.
4:10-End Outro

2. More on How to Throw Disc Golf Shots

Danny Lindahl is a disc golfer who's made a name for himself in the sport by creating videos aimed at helping people improve their games. This Lindahl video will help you understand why throwing a golf disc like a frisbee doesn't yield very good results and also the basics of the two most-used disc golf throws. 

Some information he gives on throwing backhand is similar to Sexton's, but Lindahl also covers a few mistakes beginners tend to make so you can hopefully avoid them.

Start-0:29 Introduction (why he's discussing throw basics and intro sequence)
0:30-1:09 How the physical differences between a golf disc and a frisbee make them fly differently, necessitating very different throwing techniques (frisbee throw example at 0:54; golf disc throw example at 1:02)
1:10-1:35 Introduction to the idea that golf discs are more prone to turn than frisbees
1:36-1:53 Backhand throw: Grip (similar to Sexton's advice)
1:54-2:08 Backhand throw: Stance (where to put your feet)
2:09-2:49 Backhand throw: Upper body (shoulders, arm holding the disc, where the disc should be as you throw)
2:50-3:02 Slow-mo backhand throw example
3:03-3:29 Forehand: Grip
3:30-3:38 Forehand: Wrist position 
3:39-3:59 Forehand: Throwing motion and slow-mo example throw
4:00-4:21 Forehand: Don't flip your wrist!
4:22-4:56 Discussion of putting technique (no demonstrations)
4:57-End Asking viewers what content they'd like to see next and ending sequence (no new information on throwing)

3. Disc Golf Putting Basics

The first two videos showed you how you'll want to throw a golf disc when you're farther from the basket. But once you get pretty close, you'll want to change your technique to go more for accuracy than power.

This video is hosted by German-born pro Simon Lizotte, who's currently the highest-rated European disc golfer. In it, he teaches the basics of disc golf putting, including demonstrating his grip, stance, and putting motion in an easy-to-follow and succinct way.

This is the last video in a three-part series on Discmania's channel, but you don't need to see the first two to learn from this. However, the others have valuable information, too, and you should give them a watch if you like this one.

If this video on putting leaves you wanting to learn more, check out both the next video and our article "5 Great Videos: How To Putt In Disc Golf."

Start-0:21 Introduction to "Simon Lizotte Disc Golf School" series (no tips)
0:22-0:52 The importance of putting, with emphasis on building a routine and confidence
0:53-1:19 Advice to experiment a little and stick with the putter and grip that feel most comfortable to you
1:20-1:43 Lizotte demonstrates his grip and explains why it benefits him (important information on the pointer finger)
1:44-2:29 Lizotte's stance and basic putting motions
2:30-3:06 The importance of having minimal shoulder and elbow movement during a putt so the line isn't lost. Slow-mo Lizotte putt at 3:01
3:07-End Outro. A message to play and have fun, but no tips

4. More on Disc Golf Putting

Lizotte's video provides a good idea of how to putt on a basic level, but this Infinite Discs video hosted by pro player and experienced disc golf instructor Zoe AnDyke goes more into specifics. Learn the two main stances players use for putting and pick up some great tips for being accurate and generating power.

Start-0:08 Intro: logo and music
0:09-0:22: AnDyke introduces herself and the video's purpose
0:23-0:36 The two types of stances players normally take for disc golf putts. Note: What AnDyke calls "track stance" here is very commonly called "stagger stance."
0:37-0:49 Positioning: feet and knees
0:50-1:07 Positioning: hips
1:08-1:38 Positioning: shoulders and chest
1:39-1:57 Grip (still-frame of AnDyke's grip at 1:46)
1:58-2:16 Disc positioning
2:17-2:49 The importance of having confidence in your putt
2:50-2:58 Example straddle putt with routine
2:59-3:08 Example stagger stance/track stance putt with routine
3:09-3:53 Importance of using your legs in putting
3:54-End Outro (no new tips)

5. Getting Ready to Throw: A Disc golf Warm-Up

Full disclosure: This video won't teach you to throw, but the information it offers will help make throwing a lot more comfortable and healthier for your body.

Seth Munsey is a performance coach and founder of Disc Golf Strong, a fitness and training organization focused solely on disc golf. You can learn more about his impressive background in fitness here, including about his time working with NHL players.

In the video below, Munsey details a series of warm-up activities that will help make sure your body is ready to throw golf discs. Though disc golf has low impact on the body compared to many other sports, the repetitive athletic motions it requires will take their toll if you don't make sure your body is ready for them. Doing these warm-ups before going out and trying out the throws you learned about above will help keep you healthy and playing disc golf for a long time to come.

If you like what you see, Munsey also contributes a fitness tip to our Release Point newsletter once a month. You can subscribe to that in the gray area just under where this article ends.

Start-0:59 Introduction to video and discussion of other videos in the series this is a part of
1:00-1:45 The importance of warming up. If they do it in every other sport, why should you skip it in disc golf?
1:46-2:43 Disc golf halo: A simple movement that warms up your shoulders, upper back, elbows, and chest
2:44-4:14 Upper back rotations
4:15-5:42 Standing hip rotations: Movements to ready the hips, which should play a key part in your throws, for action
5:43-6:01 Brief recap of each movement
6:02-6:42 Where to find a more complete disc golf warm-up and reinforcement of the importance of warming up before disc golf
6:43-End Outro and thanking partners in the series (no new stretches)

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