Thanksgiving Special: Pro Disc Golfers With The Most Turkeys In 2021

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Nov 25, 2021 • 3 min read
Photos of various disc golf pros looking at a turkey on a blue background
Photos of pros Ricky Wysocki, Paige Pierce, Paul McBeth, Catrina Allen, and Calvin a turkey. Pro photos: DGPT

We've cooked up a special treat for you this Thanksgiving!

Made from scratch with only the very best statistical ingredients, we're serving up the MPO and FPO players who made 2021's top 10 for most turkeys on UDisc Live.

What's a Turkey in Disc Golf?

Whenever a player gets three consecutive birdies during a single round, it's called a "turkey."

To get the stats you'll see below, we had to set a few parameters for "turkey." Here's what they were:

  • The turkey counts could actually include up to five consecutive birdies (what we like to call "turkeys with stuffing").
  • Any consecutive birdie total that was a multiple of three counted as a separate turkey, i.e. six consecutive birdies was two turkeys, nine consecutive was three.
  • We included eagles in turkey streaks, but any par broke the streak. So, for example, eagle + birdie + birdie was a turkey, but eagle + par + birdie was not.
  • Turkeys had to be done within one round, so finishing a round with two birdies and starting the next day with a birdie didn't count as a turkey.

The Most Turkeys in Pro Disc Golf 2021: MPO

Let's get right down to gobbling the meat of this piece. Here are the MPO competitors who had the least interest in pardoning turkeys in 2021:

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Rank Name Turkey Count UDisc Live Rounds Played
Avg. Turkeys Per Round
1 Ricky Wysocki 111 78 1.4
2 Paul McBeth 84 71 1.2
3 Calvin Heimburg 68 74 0.9
4 Kevin Jones 66 75 0.9
5 Eagle McMahon 64* 58 1.1
T6 Garrett Gurthie 57 78 0.7
T6 Matt Bell 57 73 0.8
8 James Conrad 55 81 0.7
T9 Chris Dickerson 53 60 0.9
T9 Kyle Klein 53 65 0.8
T9 Emerson Keith 53 73 0.7
T9 Connor O'Reilly 53 83 0.6
T9 Paul Ulibarri 53 71 0.8
T9 Nikko Locastro 53 75 0.7

An extra turkey-related superlative is that Chris Dickerson had the most turkeys in one round. During round two of the Dynamic Discs Open, he carded 12 straight birdies, giving him four consecutive turkeys by our reckoning. We call for an official vote on calling him Robot Turkey now.

*Tofurkey count

The Most Turkeys in Pro Disc Golf 2021: FPO

These were the FPO competitors who loved "fowl" play the most last season:

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Rank Name Turkey Count UDisc Live Rounds Played
Avg. Turkeys Per Round
1 Paige Pierce 35 69 0.5
2 Hailey King 29 68 0.4
3 Catrina Allen 27 79 0.3
4 Missy Gannon 15 83 0.2
5 Kona Star Panis 13 79 0.2
6 Sarah Hokom 11 66 0.2
7 Jessica Weese 10 77 0.1
8 Ohn Scoggins 9 48 0.2
T9 Kristin Tattar 8 20 0.4
T9 Valerie Mandujano 8 47 0.2

Looking for Seconds of Superlatives?

That's not the end of this gravy train. If you'd like to see more of which pros did it best and most in 2021, check out our post "2021 Pro Superlatives: Best Putters, Highest Birdie Rates, & More."

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