The Stream Engine: Disc Golf Media By The Numbers (Pt. 2)

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Feb 26, 2019 • 6 min read

This article was written by Steve Vrooman and Alex Williamson with help from other UDisc staff on visuals and charts.

filming at Las Vegas Challenge.jpg
Filming at 2019 Las Vegas Challenge. Credit: Alyssa Van Lanen

In Part 1 of this series, we gave you the big picture of disc golf media by analyzing stats related to our survey of video view rates from over 20 disc golf-related YouTube channels. In broad strokes, we found that 1) viewership of disc golf videos has grown enormously in a short amount of time and 2) tournament coverage was the biggest contributor to that growth.

For the specific (and pretty stunning) stats in those areas, take a look at last week's article here.

Today, we're zooming in, and our focus is the top 50 disc golf videos of 2018 by YouTube views. We've done much more than just create a list, though.

For anyone interested in the ongoing debate about whether disc golf fans' loyalties lay more with video producers or specific tours (we looked at the Disc Golf Pro Tour and PDGA National Tour, specifically), our table shows the top 50 videos' relationships in those areas. It also makes the remarkable prevalence of McBeth and Big Sexy commentary in last year's favorite videos clearly visible.

The table is at the bottom of this article, but before we get there, let's expand a little on what it can tell us about the topics above.

Producer or Tour?

Some of the best-known disc golf video producers. Central Coast's Ian Anderson at 2018 GBO, Terry Miller at 2018 Beaver State Fling, and some of the Jomez crew at 2018 Las Vegas Challenge. Credit (all photos): Alyssa Van Lanen

When you take a look at the chart, you'll see that JomezPro content dominates it—a remarkable 44 of the 50 videos are theirs. For those who read the last article, this will come as no surprise, given Jomez's dominance in view counts last year.

There is no such hands-down favorite among tours. Rounds from Disc Golf Pro Tour (DGPT) and PDGA National Tour (NT) events are featured in 34 of the 50 top videos, with rounds from each tour appearing 17 times. Rounds of PDGA Majors like the World Championships, United States Disc Golf Championship, and Konopiště all made it, too.

However, though it may seem like this data shows that being filmed by JomezPro is much more important than what tour an event is on, we don't think that takes quite everything into account.

The only tours that consistently drew large numbers of top-level pros in the U.S. last year were the DGPT and NT, and because Jomez had access to film those events, they had the best pros on video. In one of the rare cases they didn't have access to a premier event (see Konopiště , filmed by SpinTV), people were still plenty willing to watch.

Instances like this suggest that eyes will watch coverage of the best, regardless of tour or video producer. Do those eyes prefer to watch the best on Jomez? At the moment, absolutely. However, with DGPT's media moving in-house and plenty of top pros signed up for its events, it will be interesting to see if the producer side of a 2019 top 50 features a healthy amount of DGPT red, white and blue to compliment Jomez's green, black, and white.

BigSexy Rounds

Team BigSexy. Jeremy "Big Jerm" Koling (left) and Nate Sexton (right). Both photos credit: Alyssa Van Lanen 

We watched most of our 2018 disc golf in edited form with the commentary team of Jeremy Koling and Nate Sexton. And in this top 50, there are only two rounds with commentary that lack Big Jerm, who teamed up with A.J. Risley or Paul Ulibarri for a few tournaments this past year.

A lot of this is because they are commenting on popular and important tournaments, and so we see them by default. We are watching Jomez and Jomez likes BigSexy.

But this is also because we love them. The BigSexy promo video “What Happens in Vegas,” which dropped the first day of the 2019 Las Vegas Challenge, grabbed 30,000 views in its first 24 hours, and it seems like the BigSexy Star Destroyer sold by Jomez sold out in the blink of an eye.


Paul McBeth at Delaware Disc Golf Challenge. Credit: Alyssa Van Lanen

It may not surprise anyone that Paul McBeth’s rounds have the most views of any other pro, but the sheer number of McBeth logos on the chart at the very bottom really hit home disc golf fans' overwhelming interest in the McBeast.

One way McBeth got views was simply showing up on a huge number of cards at big events. He made many round one feature cards, and he also kept earning a spot on lead cards all last year.

But our appetite for McBeast media shows up in all sorts of other ways. The biggest video of 2018 was Jomez’s special coverage of his 18 under round. Also, the only Champs vs. Chumps episode (a Central Coast Disc Golf franchise pitting a large number of amateur players versus a team of two pros) to crack the top 50 stars McBeth. Even his first Building the Bag and sponsorship reveal videos made the top 50, garnering more views than the back 9 lead card at Worlds!

To compare this with other pros, we used the list of most favorited pros on UDisc Live from a previous post and tallied the total views of videos featuring them not just for the top 50 videos, but the top 1,500 videos from our research:

mcbeth.jpg Paul McBeth 8.9 million
ricky.jpg Ricky Wysocki 5.52 million
eagle.jpg Eagle McMahon 5.51 million
undefined Simon Lizotte 4.3 million
sexton.jpg Nate Sexton 4 million
conrad.jpg James Conrad 3.8 million
barsby.jpg Gregg Barsby 2.2 million
pierce.jpg Paige Pierce 1.7 million
jerm.jpg Jeremy Koling 1.6 million
bjerkaas.jpg Paige Bjerkaas 466k

These numbers don’t account for exposure via commentary (which almost all have done at least once) or from livestreams like Smashboxx, where multiple cards might be followed.

The Top 50

Below you'll see in a condensed form of all the information we've talked about above (and plenty more). We've enjoyed taking a dive into these media numbers over the last two weeks, and we can only imagine that the numbers from 2019 will only be bigger and even more interesting. We hope to bring them all to you when they're in.

Until then, feast your eyes upon the top 50 videos of 2018: (scroll the table right if on mobile)

# Video Views Tour BigSexy McBeth
1 Jomez McBeth 18 Down 461k DGPT McBeth
2 DGPT Memorial - FPO R4 B9
Pierce, J Allen, Weese, Fajkus
299k DGPT
3 Jomez Best of 2018 P1 275k McBeth
4 Jomez GBO - MPO R1 F9
McBeth, Lizotte, Wysocki, McMahon
262k PDGA BigSexy McBeth
5 Jomez SFO - MPO R2 F9
McBeth, Lizotte, McMahon, Doss
204k DGPT BigSexy McBeth
6 Jomez Best of 2017 P1 204k McBeth
7 Jomez Masters Cup - MPO R1F12
McBeth, Wysocki, Gibson, Szemeredi
190k PDGA BigSexy McBeth
8 Jomez LVC - MPO R4F9
McMahon, Freeman, Lizotte, McBeth
189k PDGA BigSexy McBeth
9 Jomez USDGC - MPO R4F9
McBeth, Jones, Conrad, Sexton
166k BigSexy McBeth
10 Jomez Memorial - MPO R4F9
Lizotte, McMahon, Sexton, Conrad
162k DGPT BigSexy
11 Jomez Nick Hyde - MPO R3F9
Wysocki, McBeth, Sexton, McMahon
161k BigSexy McBeth
12 CCDG Champs vs Chumps V5P1 157k McBeth
13 Jomez Waco - MPO R3B9
McBeth, Koling, Perkins, Gurthie
156k DGPT BigSexy McBeth
14 Discmania Epic Trick Shots with Simon 156k
15 Jomez GLO - MPO R2F9
McBeth, Locastro, Jones, Feldberg
152k DGPT McBeth
16 Jomez GBO - MPO R3F9
Lizotte, Wysocki, McMahon, Gibson
148k PDGA BigSexy
17 Jomez Waco - MPO R3F9
McBeth, Koling, Perkins, Gurthie
146k DGPT BigSexy McBeth
18 Jomez SFO - MPO R1F9
McBeth, Gurthie, Gibson, Faes
144k DGPT BigSexy McBeth
19 Jomez Nick Hyde - MPO R3B9
Wysocki, McBeth, Sexton, McMahon
142k BigSexy McBeth
20 Jomez Memorial - MPO R2B9
Lizotte, McMahon, Sexton, Conrad
139k DGPT BigSexy
21 Jomez SFO - MPO R2B9
McBeth, Lizotte, McMahon, Doss
138k DGPT BigSexy McBeth
22 Jomez GBO - MPO R4B9
Lizotte, Wysocki, McMahon, Gibson
138k PDGA BigSexy
23 Jomez USDGC - MPO R1B9
McBeth, Jones, Conrad, Sexton
137k BigSexy McBeth
24 Jomez GBO - MPO R1B9
McBeth, Lizotte, Wysocki, McMahon
131k PDGA BigSexy McBeth
25 Jomez Delaware - MPO R3F9
McBeth, Paju, Ulibarri, Wysocki
131k PDGA McBeth
26 Jomez LVC - MPO R1F1
Lizotte, McMahon, Sexton, Wysocki
130k PDGA BigSexy
27 Jomez LVC - MPO R4B9
McMahon, Freeman, Lizotte, McBeth
129k PDGA BigSexy McBeth
28 Jomez Masters Cup - MPO R3F9
Wysocki, Brathwaite, Anthon, Meintsma
127k PDGA BigSexy
29 Jomez MVP Open - MPO R3F9
McBeth, Wysocki, Conrad, Heimburg
127k DGPT BigSexy McBeth
30 Jomez Worlds - MPO R1F9
Wysocki, Lizotte, Leiviska, Jones
126k BigSexy
31 SpinTV Tampere Grand Opening - F9
Wysocki, Pierce, Lizotte, Sexton, Piironen, Nissinen
32 Jomez MVP Open - MPO R3B9
McBeth, Wysocki, Conrad, Heimburg
125k DGPT BigSexy McBeth
33 Jomez GBO - MPO R2F9
Lizotte, Wysocki, McMahon, Gibson
124k PDGA BigSexy
34 Jomez HOFC - MPO R3F9
McBeth, Dickerson, Barsby, McCray
122k PDGA BigSexy McBeth
35 SpinTV Konopiste - MPO R1F9
McBeth, Schusterick, Vikström, Knápek
119k BigSexy McBeth
36 Jomez Masters Cup - MPO R1B12
McBeth, Wysocki, Gibson, Szemeredi
117k PDGA BigSexy McBeth
37 Jomez Worlds - MPO R5F9
Barsby, Ulibarri, Conrad, Anthon
116k BigSexy
38 Jomez HOFC - MPO R3B9
McBeth, Dickerson, Barsby, McCray
116k PDGA BigSexy McBeth
39 Jomez GLO - MPO R2B9
McBeth, Locastro, Jones, Feldberg
113k DGPT McBeth
40 Jomez Worlds - MPO R3F9
McBeth, Conrad, Ulibarri, Barsby
112k BigSexy McBeth
41 Jomez GLO - MPO R3F9
McBeth, Locastro, Conrad, Feldberg
111k DGPT McBeth
42 Jomez Memorial - MPO R1F9
Lizotte, Koling, Ulibarri, Turner
111k DGPT BigSexy
43 Jomez Masters Cup - MPO R2F12
Wysocki, Brathwaite, Evans, Anthon
111k PDGA BigSexy
44 Jomez Masters Cup - MPO R3B9
Wysocki, Brathwaite, Anthon, Meintsma
110k PDGA BigSexy
45 Jomez Delaware - MPO R3B9
McBeth, Paju, Ulibarri, Wysocki
110k PDGA McBeth
46 Jomez Paul McBeth Building the Bag - Drivers 108k McBeth
Wysocki, McBeth, Gibson, Doss
107k DGPT McBeth
48 Jomez Paul McBeth New Sponsor 106k McBeth
49 Jomez USDGC - MPO R1F9
McBeth, Paju, Leyland, Schulz
106k BigSexy McBeth
50 Jomez Jonesboro - MPO R2F9
Wysocki, McMahon, Conrad, Gurthie
105k DGPT BigSexy

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