Top Disc Golf Small Towns — USA

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Nov 20, 2020 • 2 min read

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To find the Top Disc Golf Small Towns – U.S.A., we analyzed 6,000 towns with populations under 50,000 to see which ones had the best combination of disc golf course quantity and quality. The data on the number of courses and their quality all came from UDisc, which has the most comprehensive disc golf course directory available and nearly two million ratings of the courses listed there thanks to disc golfers using UDisc.

Once we had our results, we contacted locals from the top five towns on the list to help us create disc golf travel guides for each location. Along with each town's disc golf history and standout courses, these guides fill you in on good places to grab a bite to eat, relax with a cold beverage, and enjoy non-disc golf activities that could be great options when taking a break from disc golf or enjoying time with non-disc golfing friends and family.

The Top Disc Golf Small Towns

These are the five best small towns for disc golf in the USA:

  1. Emporia, Kansas: Home to one of the most successful disc golf equipment retailers on the planet, Emporia is working toward becoming not just the best small town for disc golf in the U.S. but the best place for disc golf period.

  2. Fredericksburg, Virginia: Full of significance to U.S. history, home to wineries and a distillery that won World's Best Bourbon two years running, and having more great disc golf in and near it than anyone could reasonably expect, Fredericksburg is a disc golfer's dream just off I-95 between Washington, D.C., and Richmond.

  3. Superior, Wisconsin: One of Lake Superior's Twin Ports along with Duluth, Minnesota, the disc golf in Superior lives up to the town's name.

  4. Morristown, Tennessee: Tennessee's Disc Golf Capital in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains

  5. Truckee, California: Amazing disc golf near Lake Tahoe in the Sierra Nevada

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