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Apr 1, 2021 • 4 min read
Attention: This post was our 2021 April Fools joke. UDisc is a company well-known for its app that includes a digital score and stat-keeping system (along with plenty else, like the most comprehensive digital disc golf course directory in existence). So, while we do bring up many very real tools and platforms UDisc has created to help the disc golf community below, UDisc Paper, alas, isn't one of them.

We still think you'll get a kick out of reading this though, just for the laughs.

With the 2020 disc golf explosion, many new people came into the sport. We at UDisc were happy to offer these newcomers the easy-to-use digital scoring and stat-keeping system that's one of the most popular aspects of the UDisc app.

Thanks to this wave of new support, UDisc has been able to put considerable resources toward creating the true future of disc golf scoring: UDisc Paper.

What Is UDisc Paper?

A woman writes on a paper scorecard on a tree
UDisc Paper is extremely versatile and can even be written on when against a tree.

UDisc Paper is made of a material derived from a pulp, which is created through a process of extracting cellulose fibers from wood. On this material, we've designed a configuration of parallelograms that form a table with spaces for players' names and scores as well hole numbers, pars, and other information.

Before beginning a round, you write the names of all the players on your UDisc Paper in pen, pencil, marker, crayon, or another writing utensil of your choice and, in the designated square for each hole, write the number of strokes it took a player to complete that hole.

You then add the total number of strokes each player took to complete the course in your head (for example, a newer player might do this math: 4 + 2 + 7 + 7 + 9 + 2 + 7 + 7 + 4 + 5 + 3 + 6 + 6 + 5 + 7 + 8 + 6 + 8), write that total down, and subtract that from the course par to find out how much over or under par you were.

We've created UDisc Paper for all of the more than 11,500 disc golf courses in the world. You can also unlock the full power of this new innovation with an annual subscription to UDisc Paper Pro. For less than the cost of a disc, UDisc Paper Pro allows players to access all of the functions of UDisc Paper and includes a high-quality mini permanent marker.

Advantages of UDisc Paper

A young woman looks confusedly at a disc golf scorecard
UDisc Paper helps take your mind off the stress of disc golf competition and get it on math.

UDisc Paper has many advantages over digital scoring. Take this comment from Mark Guetter, one of our UDisc Paper beta testers, for instance.

"I try not to check up on where everyone is during casual or even competitive rounds," said Guetter. "I just want to play my game and not think about that stuff. I noticed when using UDisc Paper that even if I was keeping score, doing all the math to figure out who was ahead and who was behind was so much work that I was never even tempted.

"That did bite me one time during a round with money on the line against friends," Guetter continued. "I laid up a putt I should've gone for on the last hole and had to pay up because of it. But peace of mind is priceless, right?"

We've also convinced some organizers of UDisc Leagues to give UDisc Paper a try at their events, and the feedback has been glowing. Shilo Jitch is one of those organizers, and here's what he had to say.

"All the players thought it was kind of refreshing to not be using their phones to score after every hole," Jitch said. "Quite a few mentioned that change made it way easier for them to catch up on news or read texts without having to switch back and forth from the typical digital UDisc scoring screen."

Jitch also said that the time it took him to check competitors' math and figure out who placed where at the end of his UDisc Paper league nights gave players plenty of opportunity to let him know what they'd improve about the course and his league. This was very different from when he ran a normal UDisc League and scores were available instantly.

"I feel like the instant scoring made people feel like they needed to rush home right after the event to relax or spend time with their families because, you know, they could," said Jitch.

Where Can I Find UDisc Paper?

UDisc Paper is now available for anyone to print and enjoy. Click here to find a preview of what UDisc Paper looks like and to find out how to get UDisc Paper to score at your home course today.

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