Hole 2
Hole 2
Hole 3
Hole 3 Late Nov. 2021
Fly around or under
Hole 4
Most interesting basket (Hole 4 short basket)
Hole 5
Most tee pads look like this
Hole 10
Hole 10 green
Hole 12
View from basket looking back at tee
Hole 12 view from the tee
View from the practice area looking out over the pond. From this view, hole 1 is to your right.
Hole 18 long basket looking at path toward parking lot. Have fun!
Hole 18 short basket
Hole 18 tee
Hole 18 layout
Hole 18 mid-fairway
Hole 17 mid-fairway (thread the gap. Do it. C’mon, you know you wanna.)
Hole 17 tee
Hole 17 layout
Hole 16 layout and tee pad
Hole 15 basket looking at path toward hole 16 tee pad
Hole 16 basket looking at path toward hole 17
Hole 15 mid-fairway (that left-side ditch runs the entire hole. Keep that in mind when throwing!)
Hole 15 tee
Hole 15 layout
Hole 14 short tee
Hole 14 long tee
Hole 14 basket looking at path toward hole 15
Hole 14 layout
Hole 13 basket looking at hole 14 tee
Hole 13 mid-fairway
Hole 13 long tee
Hole 13 layout
Hole 13 short tee
Hole 12 basket looking at path toward hole 13 tee pads
Hole 12 mid-fairway
Hole 12 tee
Hole 11 basket looking at hole 12 tee
Hole 11 mid-fairway
Hole 12 layout
Hole 11 tee pad
Hole 11 layout
Hole 10 basket looking at path for hole 11 tee
Hole 10 mid-fairway (long basket not visible)
It’s Elvis! This is brand new, wasn’t here yesterday, and he judges you if you hit a tree.
Hole 10 mid-fairway for long basket
Hold 10 tee (what’s that on the right sitting on the wall?)
Hole 10 layout
Hole 9 basket looking at path toward Hole 10 tee
Hole 9 layout
Hole 8 basket looking at tee of Hole 9
Hole 9 teepad
Hole 8 teepad
Hold 8 layout
Hole 7 long basket looking at hole 8 teepad
Hole 7 layout and tee
Hole 6 basket looking at path to hole 7 tee
Hole 7 mid-fairway
Hole 6 mid-fairway
Hole 6 short tee
Hole 6 long tee
Hole 5 long basket looking at hole 6 tees
Hole 5 mid-fairway and short basket
Hole 6 layout
Hole 5 tee
Hole 5 layout
Hole 4 long basket looking at hole 5 tee
Hole 4 mid-fairway
Hole 4 tee could use some updating)
Hole 4 short basket (long in background)
Hole 4 layout
Hole 3 basket looking at path to hole 4 (through the woods via the dirt footpath up the hill)
Hole 3 mid-fairway
Hole 3 long
Hole 3 layout
Hole 3 short
Hole 2 basket looking at hole 3 tees
Hole 2 mid-fairway (I dare you to drive through this)
Hole 2 short tee
Hole 2 layout
Hole 1 mid-fairway (long basket circled)
Hole 2 long tee
Hole 1 tee
Hole 1 Layout
Both practice baskets with hole 1’s tee in the background.
The rough is not that rough
Walking up to hole 1 you’ll find two practice baskets on the left and the tee on the right.
Some tees have arrows
She’s often on holes 11 and 12 watching for killer throws.
Short 5