Hole 13 (The Gimmick hole)
Hole 12
Hole 11
Hole 1
Hole 1 (The Dinosaur Hole)
Hole 2
Hole 2 (The Monkey Hole)
Hole 2 (A new home for the basket)
Hole 3
Hole 3 (The Lefty Hole)
Hole 4
Hole 4 (The Canopy Hole)
Hole 4 basket hidden under/past some trees.
Hole 5
Hole 5 (The Straight Hole)
A yellow submarine on hole 5
Hole 6
Hole 6 (The Sunken Basket Hole)
Hole 6 sign
Hole 6 basket in the ground
Hole 7
Hole 8
Hole 8 Throwing deck
Hole 8 (The Island Hole)
Hole 8 Sign
Hole 8, putt from the rock of shame if you miss the island.
Hole 9
Hole 9 (The Sign Hole)
Hole 10
Hole 10 (Persimmon Hole)
Hole 10 Sign
Hole 11
Hole 11
Hole 11 (The Lighthouse Hole)
Hole 11 Throwing Deck (Under Construction)
Hole 11 Sign
Hole 12
Hole 12
Hole 12 (The Big Bird Bell Hole)
Hole 12 sign
Hole 13
Hole 13 (The Gimmick hole)
Hole 14
Hole 14 (The Roller Hole)
Hole 14 Sign
Hole 15
Hole 15 Basket on a Tank
Hole 15 (The Tank Hole)
Hole 16
Hole 16 (The Hanging Basket Hole)
Hole 16 sign
Hole 17
Hole 17 (The Pond Hole)
Hole 17 Sign
Hole 18
Old Map of the mini course
Sign boards
Basket pyramid/parade float
Pro shop back deck
Big Map of the whole land, with both courses distances marked altogether.
Pro shop back deck
Occasionally there’s a food trailer that serves food.
A new hangout area. The Dillo Den, has bocce ball court.
The pavilion
Big course map sign
From the top of the pavilion
The lighthouse hole from the new deck
The sign hole