Kiosk Map
Hole 10 tee
Driving Net
Hole 1
Hole 2
Hole 2 Tee
Hole 3
Hole 7
Hole 8
Hole 10
Hole 10 tee
Hole 11
Hole 11’s View from the Tee
Hole 14
Picturesque Hole 14’s Basket looking back down the fairway on the right.
Hole 15
Hole 15 Tee
Hole 16
Kiosk Map
Driving Net
Another narrow turn on 2.
Hole 1 has a narrow fairway, but is an enjoyable hole to play.
View from tee 5.
Hole 15
New teepad for hole 17
The fairway on 9.
Typical view from the rough.
7 is a 475' tunnel shot.
9 is a tricky hole to read.
View down the left path on hole 5.
5 and 8 are long holes with islands in the middle.
Lots of stumps and debris in fairways. Watch your step.
Prodigy Baskets
Most holes have nice benches fashioned from cut down trees.
Course plays well! There is a work day scheduled for April 25, 2021 8am-12pm.
Great course
Practice basket
Hole 17 looking back through the S-shaped end of the fairway
Boardwalk between 15 and 16
Hole 12 short tee