10 Best Brewery Disc Golf Courses

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Jul 27, 2022 • 20 min read

There's a big overlap between the disc golf and craft beer communities. One high profile bit of proof is how not too long ago two of the game's top players – married couple and multi-time Major champions Nate Doss and Valarie Jenkins – left the touring circuit in order to start a craft brewery in Bend, Oregon.

But disc golfers at all levels – not just the top players – enjoy a good round at both the course and bar, so it's no wonder that in recent years numerous breweries have seen the plus sides of adding in disc golf to their offerings.

As one representative of a brewery in the top 10 you'll find below told us, "The community gets to go out and do something fun...and the business has its patrons play a round and visit us after – it brings the community into our taproom and brewery!"

Now you can find out which 10 disc golf courses at breweries are the best in the world according to disc golfers with UDisc, the world's #1 disc golf app that includes the largest directory of disc golf courses in existence.

Ranking the Courses

Here's how we came up with the rankings in this post:

  • How did you identify brewery disc golf courses?
    Disc golfers adding courses to the UDisc directory can tag them as certain types of property, e.g., private, public, camp, or military. Another property tag option is brewery/winery. For this post, we identified every course with the brewery/winery tag and ran the numbers to see where they ranked against each other based on ratings from disc golfers with UDisc (more on the math in the next bullet point). Once we had the rankings, we researched each course at the top of the list and created a top 10 that included only the courses at breweries or brewery taprooms (occasionally breweries have separate locations for their taprooms and brewing facilities).

    Keep in mind that any course not labeled "brewery/winery" at the time we ran our search in late June 2022 was not eligible for this list.
  • How did you come up with the brewery disc golf course rankings?
    The rankings are based on disc golfers' ratings of the courses in UDisc. However, we didn't go purely off of current rating. Recent course ratings affected courses' overall scores more than older ones. We also took into account how harshly or easily different countries tend to rate courses and made adjustments to even out those differences. Additionally, courses with low numbers of ratings received penalties.

    This is the same math we used to create the World's Best Disc Golf Courses 2022.
  • What qualified as a brewery disc golf course?
    The course had to be either clearly owned and/or operated by A) a brewery or B) a larger entity that operates a brewery. An example of B you'll see in the list is a mountain resort that has a hotel, restaurant, and other attractions along with a brewery and disc golf course.

    We noticed a few courses that appeared to be connected to bars or restaurants that served beer but were not owned by specific breweries. These were excluded from the list.
  • Did you only include craft breweries or microbreweries?
    No. Breweries of any size owned by any entity were eligible. That said, nine of the top ten are connected to craft breweries.
  • Did you limit what part of the world the courses could be in?
    No. Brewery disc golf courses all over the world were eligible.

The Best Brewery Disc Golf Courses: Top 10

Without further ado, here are the world's 10 best brewery disc golf courses:

10. Four Fathers Brewing Company Disc Golf Course: Cambridge, Ontario

A course map of Four Fathers Brewing Company Disc Golf Course
Photo from Four Fathers Brewing Company uploaded to UDisc Courses by mikemcguinness

Score: 79.09/100

Number of Holes: 9

Shortest Hole: 190 feet/58 meters

Longest Hole: 284 feet/87 meters

Tees: Artificial turf

Targets: DISCatcher Pro (28-chain)

Free or Pay-to-Play? Free

Course Established: 2021

Photos, hole lengths, current course conditions, and more: Four Fathers Brewing Company Disc Golf Course on UDisc Courses

Beer Styles: Eclectic

Food on Site? Yes. Full restaurant.

Open Since: Location with taproom and restaurant opened in 2018 though brewing began earlier at a different facility

Four Fathers Brewing Company was created by four hockey dads whose shared love of craft beer turned into brewing experimentation and, eventually, a business. It added a nine-hole disc golf course to its offerings in 2021.

Four Fathers representative Stephanie Sutherland told us that doing good locally and globally is at the core of the brewery's business ethic. When they talked with the Director of the Ontario Disc Sports Association Chris Ozolins, they saw a chance to do something valuable for their visitors and their area.

"Chris offered to personally design the course for Four Fathers Brewing," Sutherland said. "It was a unique idea and a great suggestion as the owners were looking to build something for the community to give back. From this, our free disc golf course was built and is used daily, 365 days a year."

Its disc golf course is a wooded, nine-hole track designed to be accessible for beginners that offers advanced players a great chance to hone their midrange and putter games.

As for beer, this Cambridge, Ontario, establishment brews up a variety of styles from Saisons, to IPAs, to traditional and experimental lagers, to Bretts, and plenty more. It even has a disc golf-themed lager called Spike Hyzer. Some of Four Fathers' beers are specifically made for charitable purposes, such as this year's Shevchenko 9, a Ukrainian Dunkel. Proceeds from that beer's sales were donated to a "project which helped women and children on the ground of Ukraine have food and shelter," according to Sutherland.

It also has a full restaurant with plenty of great options ranging from classic cheeseburgers to more out-of-the-norm noshes like roti wraps filled with Tikka Masala or fried chickpeas, slaw, and cashew butter.

9. Anderson Valley Brewing Company Disc Golf Course: Boonville, California

A disc golf basket under a mature, twisting tree
Photo from Anderson Valley Brewing Company's disc golf course uploaded to UDisc Courses by rasrise

Score: 79.13/100

Number of Holes: 18

Shortest Hole: 207 feet/63 meters

Longest Hole: 392 feet/119 meters

Tees: Rubber mats

Targets: DGA Mach 2

Free or Pay-to-Play? Free

Course Established: 2002

Photos, hole lengths, current course conditions, and more: Anderson Valley Brewing Company Disc Golf Course on UDisc Courses

Beer Styles: Craft standards (e.g., IPA, Pale Ale, Stout, Porter) with a variety of Goses as well as barrel aged offerings

Food on Site? Occasional food trucks

Open Since: 1987

In both craft brewing and brewery disc golf, Anderson Valley Brewing Company (AVBC) is a trailblazer.

AVBC started up in 1987, a time when there weren't many craft breweries in the U.S. (according to the brewery's own history, the country had just 20). As their tasty concoctions won over more and more people, they needed more space, which led them to move to a larger location with a lot more land.

And a few years after they got some extra acreage, they started building a disc golf course on it – one that eventually turned into the first 18-hole disc golf course at a brewery in the world.

Today, you can get tastes of both classic craft brews and classic California disc golf at AVBC. Like many Golden State courses of old, AVBC's is all par 3s and has holes newer and more experienced players alike can enjoy. The property's many live oaks are the main obstacles and sometimes force players to throw low lines beneath their twisting branches. Expect some mild elevation and occasional rocky footing, too.

8. Live Oak Brewing Company Disc Golf Course: Del Valle, Texas

Disc golf basket with a line of stacked beer kegs in a row behind it
Photo from Live Oak Brewing Disc Golf Course uploaded to UDisc Courses by fredlabia

Score: 80.13/100

Number of Holes: 13

Shortest Hole: 135 feet/41 meters

Longest Hole: 513 feet/156 meters (par 4)

Tees: Grass

Targets: DISCatcher Pro (original)

Free or Pay-to-Play? Free

Course Established: 2017

Photos, hole lengths, current course conditions, and more: Live Oak Brewing Company Disc Golf Course on UDisc Courses

Beer Styles: Old World classics (e.g., Pilsner, Hefeweizen). Smoked beers, too.

Food on Site? No

Open Since: 1997

Just outside of Austin – one of the United States' best disc golf cities – you'll find Live Oak Brewing, home to a 13-hole disc golf course and a variety of freshly made Old World-style suds.

One of the main forces behind the course is Live Oak's head brewer Dusan Kwiatkowski. He and others put in long hours to build the course when Live Oak moved from a location in central Austin to a large property near the city's airport in 2015. After the brewing facility and biergartens (yes, plural) were finished, there was plenty of room left to put in a course. Still, it wasn't easy cutting fairways through the thick rough surrounding the land's many live oaks.

"Myself, Sam Peterson, and Jason Watkins spent many hours after the beer was made to clear the way," Kwiatkowski said. "In 2017 we sold a couple of our old beer tanks, bought nine baskets, and installed the first layout of Live Oak Brewing Disc Golf. Two years later we cleaned up the last couple acres of rough stuff, got another four baskets, and made a 13-hole layout. In 2020, we modified it to what it is today."

Know that some areas around the course are left unmowed on purpose to provide habitat and food for insects and other wildlife.

Before and/or after disc golf, enjoy brews like Pilsner and Hefeweizen made with traditional methods and ingredients. You can also get Live Oak stamped discs made by local disc manufacturer Mint Discs.

"Come play and come drink beer," Kwiatkowski said. "That's how we keep it all running."

7. Golden Grove Farm & Brew Disc Golf Course: Pelzer, South Carolina

Two photos: One of a disc golf tee sign with hole number in a cartoon beer stein. Second of a disc golf basket in a wooded area
Photos from Golden Grove Farm & Brew Disc Golf Course uploaded to UDisc Courses by cclegg257 (left) and toddlion (right)

Score: 80.70/100

Number of Holes: 18

Shortest Hole: 210 feet/64 meters (White Tees), 220 feet/67 meters (Blue Tees)

Longest Hole: 690 feet/210 meters (White Tees, par 5), 800 feet/244 meters (Blue Tees, par 5)

Tees: Mixed. Artificial turf, pavers, carpet

Targets: DISCatcher Pro (original)

Free or Pay-to-Play? Free

Course Established: 2017

Photos, hole lengths, current course conditions, and more: Golden Grove Farm & Brew Disc Golf Course on UDisc Courses

Beer Styles: Fairly eclectic. Standards (e.g., IPA, Pilsner) plus a number of Old World styles with modern twists (e.g., pear Saison, peach jalapeño Witbier)

Food on Site? Yes. Kitchen serves up handmade pizzas and wings when the taproom is open.

Open Since: 2016

Golden Grove Farm & Brew is on a plot co-founder Andrew Brown's grandfather once owned, and the building that's now the brewery was abandoned and run-down when Brown first purchased the property. Police had also once raided it because a group was running illegal poker games inside – notably, without the knowledge of Brown's family.

At first, there wasn't an all-out renovation. Brown and his friends fixed the place up just enough to store home brew equipment there and set up pool tables and dart boards.

"It was like our own personal bar," Brown said.

Today the space has a kitchen serving up specialty pizza and wings plus a rustic taproom pouring beer made from as many local and self-grown ingredients as possible (the "farm" part of the name isn't just for charm). Brown says you'll never taste any other beers like Golden Grove's because, unlike most breweries, their brews are made with water from a deep granite spring well and not tap water.

"We're making a product that is just truly indigenous to our piece of property," Brown said.

A longtime and avid disc golfer, Brown decided to use 30 acres adjacent to the brewery for a course. There were fewer holes and fairways when the first baskets went up in 2017, but it has since developed into a full 18 that just keeps being improved.

Note that this is a course meant for experienced players. Designer Todd Lion – a South Carolina local, seasoned disc golf tournament director, and current Event Support and Training Manager for the Professional Disc Golf Association – has created a track that will force you to navigate tightly wooded lines as well as keep your discs from disappearing into a sizeable pond.

Or, as one reviewer on UDisc put it, "It ain't easy. But it's real fun."

6. Von Trapp Disc Golf Course at Trapp Family Lodge & Von Trapp Brewing: Stowe, Vermont

Disc golf basket in open grassy area with rolling mountains in the distance
Photo from Von Trapp Disc Golf Course uploaded to UDisc Courses by wiley1

Score: 83.27/100

Number of Holes: 18

Shortest Hole: 228 feet/70 meters (Main Tees), 83 feet/25 meters (Short Tees)

Longest Hole: 602 feet/2184 meters (Main Tees, par 4), 276 feet/84 meters (Short Tees)

Tees: Rubber mats

Targets: DGA Mach V

Free or Pay-to-Play? $6 USD per day

Course Established: 2011

Photos, hole lengths, current course conditions, and more: Von Trapp Disc Golf Course on UDisc Courses

Beer Styles: Primarily German/Austrian lagers (e.g., Helles, Pilsner, Dunkles)

Food on Site? Yes. Restaurant with Austrian/German standards (Bratwurst, Schnitzel) as well as burgers and sandwiches.

Open Since: 2010

Trapp Family Lodge is a getaway in Vermont's Green Mountain Range meant to mimic vacation destinations in the countryside of Austria, the ancestral homeland of Johannes von Trapp, the Lodge's President.

With ever more breweries popping up around the country after the turn of the century, Johannes started thinking about adding a new dimension to the Austrian atmosphere by recreating the beers most popular there.

"My father Johannes' goal was to replicate the amazing crisp, clean lagers that he would drink when he returned to Austria," Lodge Director and Executive Vice President Sam von Trapp told us. "While we do brew some experimental beers, our primary focus is on time-tested clean lagers."

Using malts and hops imported from revered German producers, Trapp Brewing has been making classic Central European styles like Helles, Dunkel, and Pilsner since 2010. It's Bohemian Pilsner in particular has racked up quite a few awards.

The idea to add disc golf to the Lodge's offerings came from staff, according to Sam.

"A few of our awesome team members loved disc golf and convinced us to put in a nine-hole course near our original brewery," he explained. "A nasty windstorm devastated multiple holes, so we moved the course so that it now plays all around the new brewery and Bierhall and added a back nine. We’re glad we listened to our crew!"

The course has a mix of more open fairways and tight, wooded ones, so you can have both strolls through the woods as well as mountain views. Additionally, there are short and long tees for all 18 holes that allow players at every level to enjoy themselves.

Trapp Lodge is attentive to feedback they get about their disc golf track and works to improve it constantly. They told us they recently purchased a specialized mower to speed up course maintenance and added new tee pads and signage. The Lodge has found that disc golf is truly a perfect fit for the atmosphere they want to foster and has helped interest a more youthful demographic in their property.

"The Trapp Family Lodge and von Trapp Brewing have always been focused on nature and outdoor recreation," Sam told us. "A disc golf course was a great way to build on a way of life that we've always celebrated while bringing in a new activity that really resonates with a younger group...and disc golf pairs well with good beers!"

5. Highland Brewing Company Disc Golf Course: Asheville, North Carolina

View from tee and tee sign for hole 2 at Highland Brewing Company Disc Golf Course uploaded to UDisc Courses by spraynardkruger

Score: 85.62/100

Number of Holes:  9-hole course with short and long positions (full 18 in the works), 6-hole putting course

Shortest Hole: 219 feet/67 meters (Long), 167 feet/51 meters (Short)

Longest Hole: 410 feet/125 meters (Long), 211 feet/64 meters (Short)

Tees: Concrete

Targets: Dynamic Discs Veteran

Free or Pay-to-Play? Free, but you have to register as a guest at the taproom

Course Established: 2021

Photos, hole lengths, current course conditions, and more: Highland Brewing Company Disc Golf Course on UDisc Courses

Beer Styles: Mostly modern craft ales (e.g., variety of IPAs, amber ale, porter, stout)

Food on Site? No restaurant/kitchen. Food trucks possible but not always available.

Open Since: 1994

Asheville, North Carolina, is a craft beer enthusiast's heaven in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. The city boasts around 30 breweries but a population of around just 100,000. When western U.S. craft giants Sierra Nevada and New Belgium looked around for a place to put in east coast locations, they both settled on the Asheville area.

But how did the city's love affair with craft suds start? Well, in 1994 a place called Highland Brewing Company – founded by retired engineer and entrepreneur Oscar Wong – introduced locals to its Gaelic Ale. This tasty American Amber gained a loyal following, allowing Highland to confidently offer new craft varieties, and the business just kept growing. Today, Highland is the largest family-owned brewery native to the southeastern U.S., and its wide variety of craft beers are highly decorated.

As long and illustrious as Highland's history is by U.S. craft beer standards, it's very willing to progress and innovate. One of its latest adventures into the unknown is adding a disc golf course to some of its wooded 40 acres/16 hectares up in the mountains.

"We are always trying to think of ways to move guests through the property and share the beauty of the land," Highland's Vice President, Brock Ashburn, told us. "The woods were neglected for decades, leading to the spread of multiple invasive species of weeds, vines, and trees. Disc golf is popular here in Asheville and we thought it was a good sport for folks to enjoy with a beer in hand at Highland and help stomp some invasives as they chase their discs all over the woods."

But the course is far more than just chasing discs in the woods. With concrete tees, multiple basket locations with pro-level targets, and beautiful signage, it's easy to see why disc golfers with UDisc have rated this course so highly. Currently you can enjoy a six-hole putting course as well as a nine-hole course with long and short basket locations. A full 18 is in the works.

There's also a maintenance team always hungry for more work.

"We have four beautiful goats who live on our property here and they have done yeoman's work on many of the gnarly invasives that we have worked so hard to clear," Ashburn said.

And if you come on a crowded day, don't get disheartened. You may be able to buy a liquid treat while you wait for a hole to clear as Ashburn said that on days with lots of disc golfers, they send out a bartender with a backpack cooler full of beers players can buy and consume as they play.

"Nothing is better than cold Highland beer and disc golf in the shade!" Ashburn said.

4. Territorial Brewing Company Disc Golf Course: Springfield, Michigan

Red disc golf baskets in a field with running water in the foreground
A lovely view full of disc golf baskets at Territorial Brewing Company's disc golf course uploaded to UDisc Courses by crawf1jb

Score: 86.37/100

Number of Holes: 18

Shortest Hole: 195 feet/59 meters (Main Tees), 172 feet/52 meters (Red Tees)

Longest Hole: 561 feet/171 meters (Main Tees, par 4), 611 feet/186 meters (Red Tees, par 4)

Tees: Grass (converting to concrete coming in summer 2022)

Targets: Discraft Chainstar Pro

Free or Pay-to-Play? Free

Course Established: 2020

Photos, hole lengths, current course conditions, and more: Territorial Brewing Company Disc Golf Course on UDisc Courses

Beer Styles: Mostly German-inspired lagers

Food on Site? Yes. Kitchen serves up German specialties plus burgers and sandwiches.

Open Since: Current taproom/restaurant location since 2019, but brewery opened elsewhere in 2014

Territorial Brewing Company (TBC) bought the location of a former nine-hole traditional golf course to make into a taproom and restaurant in 2019. That golf course had had a small disc golf course already, but when TBC moved in, they abandoned traditional golf and made all the fairways for discs.

"We had no intention of maintaining a stick golf course and the existing layout had just been sort of an afterthought," said TBC co-owner Tim Davis. "We asked Chad Curtis, our friend and local disc golf legend, for help. He got Nate Lawson to design a new layout and the two of them built the new course. Nate's design was a huge improvement. The course is mostly open and uses every inch of elevation on the property."

Along with providing a reason for disc golfers to visit the taproom, the course gives people in TBC's taproom the chance to take in a live sport.

"Our taproom guests have a great view of holes 10 and 18," Davis said. "The golfers provide some great entertainment for our dining guests but also turn a lot of people on to disc golf that haven't seen it before. They also help highlight our massive, beautiful biergarten."

With its short and long tees, the course is one that players at any level can enjoy.

As for the beers, expect German standards made with TBC's own small twists on classic recipes. Their flagship brew is what they call a Michigan Pilsner, which Davis said is "based on a North German style Pils with an even heartier, clean bitter finish." TBC has a light American lager, a Brut Rosé lager, and a Doppelbock that have all won awards at big beer competitions.

You can pair your disc golf and beer with a full, hot meal from TBC's German-inspired menu whenever the taproom is open.

3. Jenkins Mountain Disc Golf at Little Washington Winery & Skyline Brewery: Washington, Virginia

A turf disc golf tee pad leads to a view of well-mown field on a cloudy day
Great tees and lovely views await players at Jenkins Mountain disc golf near Skyline Brewery. Photo uploaded to UDisc Courses by dave9921

Score: 88.04/100

Number of Holes: 18

Shortest Hole: 209 feet/64 meters

Longest Hole: 774 feet/236 meters (par 5)

Tees: Artificial turf

Targets: Mach V

Free or Pay-to-Play? Free

Course Established: 2020

Photos, hole lengths, current course conditions, and more: Jenkins Mountain Disc Golf Course on UDisc Courses

Beer Styles: Variety of craft ales. Lineup changes often as brews are done in very small batches.

Food on Site? Snacks but no full restaurant/kitchen.

Open Since: 2020

Both house-brewed beer and disc golf are very recent additions to Virginia's Little Washington Winery, which sits on over 50 acres/20 hectares in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The winery has been open since 2011, but both beer and disc golf came to the property in the last two years.

The brewery is called Skyline Brewing, and it produces nano-brews in batches of just 35 gallons. Because Skyline makes each beer in such low quantities, the beer on tap is always fresh, and they feel free to experiment.

"The glory of the nano-brew style is we can go wild using our system to debut new suds every week!" said owner Donna Henrickson. "Our goal is to span the realm of craft brew styles and use them each to teach the subtle flavor differences of beer."

Though they love being creative, the crew has found a recipe they like to keep in steady rotation.

"While doing some R&D we found an old recipe called Jenkins Mountain Brown Ale," Henrickson explained. "We are located on Big Jenkins Mountain and Little Jenkins Mountain! So this brew just had to be part of the offering."

Henrickson said the concoction "drops a bready, biscuity, and toasty malt aroma with mild roastiness, and caramelly, nutty, toffee-like flavors."

It's no accident that the brewery and the disc golf course were added in around the same time. Henrickson's son, David, is a disc golf fanatic, and he made the sage observation that "55 acres, beer, and bathrooms equals the perfect trifecta for disc golf."

The course is designed for experienced players and has pro-level turf tees. Many holes have generous fairways but with thick brush or high grass as rough you'll want to watch out for. Naturally, there will be elevation to deal with at this mountain course.

As you make your way through the track, great views of the mountains as well as vineyards and orchards await. Encounters with wildlife are also common.

"Sometimes the big disc golf story of the day includes an encounter with an occasional fox den, picnicking bears, deer dinner parties, gaggles of ducklings, and turkeys galore," Henrickson said. "We also grow various crops, including grapes, hops, hay, peaches, apples, pears, honey, wild blackberries, and wine berries."

2. ULTRA DiscGolfPark at Anheuser-Busch: Fort Collins, Colorado

Disc golfer running up on tee pad in with large building and parking lot in background
Running up under the eyes of the Anheuser-Busch eagle at ULTRA DiscGolfPark. Photo uploaded to UDisc Courses by Avery Jenkins

Score: 88.74/100

Number of Holes: 18

Shortest Hole: 220 feet/67 meters

Longest Hole: 760 feet/232 meters (par 4)

Tees: Artificial turf

Targets: DiscGolfPark Pro

Free or Pay-to-Play? $5 per day

Course Established: 2020

Photos, hole lengths, current course conditions, and more: ULTRA DiscGolfPark on UDisc Courses

Beer Styles: Anheuser-Busch lineup.

Food on Site? Yes. U.S. bar food.

Open Since: Anheuser-Buch Fort Collins opened in 1988. Biergarten opened in 2014.

Located just a short drive from the U.S. headquarters of the disc golf equipment company Discmania, which is owned by the same entity – Spin18 – as the course-building company DiscGolfPark, the Anheuser-Busch Brewery in Fort Collins, Colorado, got a premium disc golf course just a couple of years ago.

Designed and installed by 2009 Pro Disc Golf World Champion Avery Jenkins, ULTRA DiscGolfPark has quickly become a go-to course for Fort Collins' thriving disc golf league and tournament scene.

The front nine of the course starts and ends near the Biergarten, which has a full kitchen and serves household name Anheuser-Busch brews like Budweiser, Michelob ULTRA, and others. This half of the course was designed mostly for players without too much experience.

On the back nine, things tend to be longer and trickier.

Expect fairly open and well-groomed fairways that have enough elevation change and mature trees to keep things interesting and challenging. If you're in luck, the Clydesdales might be in Fort Collins when you play.

Before we even had plans to do a post on the top 10 brewery disc golf courses, we released an article that explored the origins of this course and what it was like for Jenkins to introduce disc golf to one of the biggest names in the food and drink industry. You can check it that out in "How Disc Golf Came To The Anheuser-Busch Brewery In Fort Collins, Colorado."

1. Norbrook Farm Disc Golf Course at Norbrook Farm Brewery: Colebrook, Connecticut

A disc golf tee pad leads to a wooded fairway in fall colors.
A fall day at Norbrook Farm Disc Golf Course at Norbrook Farm Brewery. Photo uploaded to UDisc Courses by ksykes714.

Score: 91.64/100

Number of Holes: 18

Shortest Hole: 189 feet/58 meters

Longest Hole: 487 feet/148 meters

Tees: Brick/pavers

Targets: DISCatcher Pro (original)

Free or Pay-to-Play? Free

Course Established: 2018

Photos, hole lengths, current course conditions, and more: Norbrook Farm Disc Golf Course on UDisc Courses

Beer Styles: Eclectic. Ales, lagers, and sours of various styles and inspirations.

Food on Site? Yes. Food trucks available when tap room is open.

Open Since: 2018

Norbrook Farm has not only the best brewery disc golf course in the world but the reigning best disc golf course in all of Connecticut. The track is wooded New England charm with a few real bombs thrown in (487-foot/148-meter par 3, anyone?). Signage, clear fairways, paver tees, pro-level baskets, and a course designed for experienced players have all helped Norbrook Farm's course become a state-wide must-play.

"What an amazing course!" wrote one disc golfer in their review of Norbrook Farm on UDisc. "Very well thought out collection of holes. There are uphill holes, downhill holes, some are wooded but fair, and some are wide open bombs. Best course I’ve played in Connecticut yet!"

As for beer, expect that a style you enjoy will be on deck. They always have Saison, Porter, Kölsch, IPAs, and a Brown Ale ready to pour while other taps feature rotating selections. While you enjoy your beer selections, you can sit either in the charming indoor spaces Norbrook offers or outdoors.

Think We Missed Something?

If there's a fantastic brewery disc golf course you think we missed, feel free to check if it's in the UDisc disc golf course directory. If it's not, here's how to add a course to UDisc.

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