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Practice Basket by Restrooms near parking lotHole 1 - Throwing N/E to basket in gravel on hillside.Hole 2: Throwing S/W to basket on top of hill, past the pavilion, by the horse shoe pit.Hole 3: Throwing west to basket in gravel by horse shoe pit.
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Good conditions
18 hours ago
About the course
This is an 18 Hole Course with 9 Baskets. Each basket is played from two different tees. All Tee pads are on either rubber or on paved areas. The trees, pavilions, elevation change, manicured grass and the fence around the Softball fields really add to making this course even more of a challenge. If the lights are on you can play a night round. Holes 1/2/3/4/5/6/8/10/11/12/13/15/16 & 17 Tee Pads are Rubber. Holes 7/9 & 14 are on paved areas. All Tee Pads are marked with painted numbers. White painted rocks are placed at each basket directing you to the next tee pad. (rocks may be missing due to mischievous humans) Currently there isn't a physical course map at the park. Using the UDisc App is the best way to navigate the course. Important Hole Information: HOLE 15 PLAYS AS AN ISLAND, Your disc must land in the dirt surrounding the basket.Rocks and Sidewalk are OB on this hole only. HOLE 15 MISSED ISLAND DROP ZONE: Sun Faded Whisker at the S/W Corner of the Concrete of the Fitness Station. Throw from there and add one stroke to your score. HOLE 17 MANDO: Left of the parking lot fence. HOLE 17 MANDO DROP ZONE: Sun Faded Whisker at T in Sidewalk near Corner of Mando Fence. Throw from there and add one stroke to your score. OB RULES: All aspects of Ramada's are OB...Concrete, Roof, Tables etc. ROAD and CURBS are OB. - If your disc lands in the road from any tee pad, throw from where it went out. If your disc goes across the road, it's still In bounds. If your disc lands on a curb, it must be hanging over the edge towards in bounds to be in bounds. SOFTBALL FIELDS & OUTSIDE EDGE of the PINK PERIMETER RAIL are OB. IF YOU THROW INTO A SOFTBALL FIELD FROM ANY TEE, TAKE A STROKE AND RE-TEE. Inside the fence of the HORSESHOE PIT near Basket 2/12 is OB BIKE PATH AND ALL ASPHALT PLAY AS A HAZARD - throw from where it lands and add one stroke. If in any way it's hanging over the edge it is in bounds. ***CONCRETE SIDEWALKS ARE NOT OB OR HAZARD**
18 Holes
Rubber Mat, Asphalt, Concrete Tees
Innova Discatcher, Innova Discatchers Targets
Mixed use, Public park
Established 2004
Dogs allowed
Cart friendly
Drinking water available
Restroom available


Jim Ghys

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Players usually spend 1.5 - 4 hours here.

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Shot variety/design
Tee areas
Sep 24, 2023
Great course, beautiful layout with a lot of shot variety. Elevation, varied hole distances, OB in play regularly, well positioned baskets and tees. The course does overlap some, and have shared baskets, which I am never in love with. The holes are well designed, and the shared baskets were a minimal disruption during the round.
Aug 12, 2023
My low rating is mainly because I didn't have fun. It might have been a better experience if I played with someone familiar with the course. Not having tee signs made it difficult to know which basket to play to, even with uDisc. I thought basket 3 was the basket for two. Tee pad 2 is dangerous for RHBH throw...I almost slammed my foot into the curb on my follow through...but I stopped and my throw went bad. The basket for 5, someone had dumped all the rocks in the basket...I took them out and placed the next tee rocks pointing the right way. Some tee pads don't have the numbered white rocks. uDisc has the rules for each hole, but they don't show up for each hole when you are keeping score. So frustrating and, for me, no fun. I would like to try again in the future with a cardmate who knows the course.
Aug 26, 2023
Great course. Tough course.
Sep 7, 2023
No course signage at this time. Tee Pads are rubber pads, except for three which are on paved areas. If you have UDisc you’ll easily find your way around the course. It’s a very clean and well maintained park with manicured grass. Baskets have been replaced with Innova Discatcher (Thank you Kino Sports Park Maint. Crew) Various obstacles to work around make the course very technical. This is a multi-use park and one of the toughest DG courses in Tucson. Be aware of your surroundings when throwing. Have Fun 🤘


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